An update to is not too far off!

November 11, 2014 in Blog, Feature, General

An upgrade to this trusty ol’ website is long over due and we are thrilled to announce that with the skilled assistance of Tacoma’s Matthew Fleming a new updated website is just a few weeks away.

Thank you to everyone who has endured the sporadic updates, the outdated content and the undersized photos. Ahead we will share with you much more relevant content about the current projects that are underway as well as details about some of the wild and crazy things we do. And since most of you are here to look at photos, we promise to make that experience more user friendly and enjoyable. Stay tuned…


Madera Furniture Company

New work on view at Moss+Mineral Gallery in Tacoma!

June 8, 2014 in General

We have a few new custom pieces on display at a sweet little gallery in downtown Tacoma. In her gallery, owner and gallerist Lisa Kinoshita has assembled a fresh mix of mid-century furnishings, gorgeous custom jewelry and contemporary terrariums. We crafted our work to fit into this mix. There is a fabulous bench/coffee table made from claro walnut, steel, glass and moss. A cute little bureau made from 100% reclaimed fir as well as a number of turned figured claro walnut candlesticks.

Here is a link to an interview with Carlos.

The Great Cause Followup

June 8, 2014 in Blog, Feature, General

Finally here are the results from our crafting for the Seabury cause…

The Serpent’s Table -


The Navigators’ Chair -



Crafting for a great cause…

March 24, 2014 in Blog, Feature, General

We hold a local private school dear to our hearts. Seabury School in Tacoma challenges gifted children in a community that cherishes each individual and fosters a love of learning, discovery, and creativity. This year we are contributing to their annual auction with two custom crafted items that were designed by the kids from 2 of their classes. The 4th and 5th graders of the “Serpents” class democratically decided to design a coffee table. It will be made from walnut and include a mosaic feature representing flowing water that they will make in class. Here is a sketch-up rendering that we created in class.

Seabury Serpents’ coffee table


I had also taken some time to talk to the 1st and 2nd graders of Seabury’s Navigators class about chair design. We had looked at images of your basic side chairs as well as some artistically inspired chair designs. The kids were then asked to come up with their own designs. The plan is to take one of their designs and build it!

Chair designs of Seabury’s Navigator class

Check back to see how the progress is going!

South Sound Sustainability Expo this Saturday –

February 26, 2014 in Blog, Feature, General

We will be sharing the love of locally sourced wood this Saturday at the 2014 South Sound Sustainability Expo (link below). Our display will feature furniture and accessories made from luscious wood slabs and reclaimed wood. We will have a few special give-aways through the day so be sure to stop by. It is a free event sponsored by our fair city!!!

Reclaimed bed a big hit with customer!

February 18, 2014 in Blog, Feature, General

Here is the result of a commission to design and build a queen sized platform bed from reclaimed wood. The material we used was sourced from a local mill that cuts off the edges of reclaimed beams. By using the old, discarded faces we were able to get a gorgeous variety of color and texture. We smoothed the surfaces of the wood to lessen and chances of splinters and then applied a zero-sheen waterborne top coat. We are so thrilled with the look and design we are going to make it available on our Etsy page. Check it out!

Looking back and looking ahead…

January 14, 2014 in Blog, Feature, General

2013 was a hugely transforming year for us. It started with the successful and on-time completion of a large volume furniture order for the Washington State Convention Center and ended with the installation of a 24 foot live edge maple slab counter top. In between we had the privilege to create some of the most creative and challenging pieces in our 7 year history. So a big thank you goes out to all of our friends, clients, designers and architectural associates for their continued support and referrals. We couldn’t have continued through the economy of the last few years without your support.

Looking forward, we are thrilled about some fantastic projects on the boards. We are starting off 2014 by co-designing an exciting home interior for a new home being built in the Browns Point area. We’ll be fabricating all of the interior cabinetry as well as a few select furniture pieces…and even the front door! Check back as the spring progresses for updated photos. We are also finishing up a custom mahogany vanity as well as two live edge maple slab shelving projects.  Speaking of slabs, this spring we will be expanding our inventory of furniture-grade wood slabs. We will be soon be stocking even more incredible slabs of walnut, maple and elm – in addition to what we already have in sequoia, maple and red oak.

Please take time to explore our profiles on and And keep a look out for our new, updated profile on!

Happy New Year!



December 28, 2013 in Feature, General

juerga [hoo er ga] sp. n. binge, spree, period of excessive indulgence.

In Spanish dance terms the word refers to a lively party with music, dancing and revelry – exactly what is happening tonight in our showroom.  Join us for a live flamenco performance by Marisela Fleitas and Flamenco Tacoma. Plus Tacoma’s Sin Embargo will also return with their own brand of Cuban/salsa music.  Rumor has it that Madera’s founder, president and chief floor sweeper, Carlos, will be joining Sin Embargo tonight on the drums!

The show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Live Edge Dining Tables

December 4, 2013 in Blog, Feature, General

Just in time for Thanksgiving feasts, we recently delivered two gorgeous custom walnut dining tables. The highly figured claro walnut came from trees salvaged during an arson set wildfire in the Sacramento valley a few years back. Claro walnut is native to California and only one original stand of trees is confirmed. Fortunately it has been a popular shade tree and it is often used for streetscaping and habitat restoration. The species is also important as a rootstock for cultivating English walnut trees around the world (for nut production).

From a furniture making point of view we love claro walnut for its workability, color variation and the amazing figure. walnut slab table 5This table was made from a pair of book matched slabs and measured 42″(avg.) x 114″. The custom steel pedestals were fabricated by Tacoma’s Jennifer Weddermann. We inlaid wenge butterflies to stabilize the larger cracks and also filled some of the deep bark inclusions with epoxy resin.  walnut slab table 4

walnut slab table 1For the table below (and the accompanying buffet and bench) the client wanted a single slab (not a bookmatched pair). We were able to source a 15′ long walnut slab that had a section that measured the desired 36″ in width. All 3 tops and most of the legs and supports came from that single slab. The design was inspired by a picture that the client had found which we modified to work into their budget.

We will soon have more photos from these two projects on our Flickr page (including a shot of the 15′ long slab riding on top of our shop’s van. So check back soon.

walnut slab table 2

Easy cabinet transformation with new Richlite countertops

November 2, 2013 in Blog, Feature, General

We recently helped a local couple give their den a fantastic upgrade with a simple change of countertops.  Their cabinets, though dated, were in great shape. The couple did a fair bit of research and had decided that changing their old laminate countertops to 1″ black richlite was all that was needed.  They were spot on.  I only wish I had taken a before photo.  The simple and affordable upgrade made a huge difference.

Counter top upgrade

Richlite Countertops


Four years ago we were searching for counter top options that we could directly offer our clients.  Stone, quartz and solid surface were out of the question and better left to the professionals already specializing in their fabrication.  Then I came upon Richlite, which just happens to be a local Tacoma-based company.  After learning about their products and their environmental standards I felt like it was a good fit and a great product to offer our clients.  In April of 2009 Madera became a certified Richlite fabricator/installer.

So what is Richlite?  It is essentially a rock hard laminated paper product.  Only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers are used as well as recycled papers and cardboard, too.  These papers are saturated with a phenolic resin and the pressed – under extreme pressure – into sheets of various thicknesses.   Richlite has been used industrially and commercially for over 30 years.

In addition to Richlite we also offer a variety of bamboo products for counter tops and cabinetry as well as butcher-block styles of new or reclaimed woods.