We recently delivered this table to the new office of interior designer Alinda Morris of Habitations Interior Design in Gig Harbor, WA. Everyone was thrilled with the results of our design collaboration. Alinda had specifically asked that the table be made with reclaimed materials. After some further discussion we settled on using salvaged red oak slabs. The trees once stood on the grounds of a Tacoma middle school prior to the school's renovation. Red oak is not a very common street tree in these parts and we were lucky to get our hands on this material nearly 3 years ago. 

Typically you see live edge table with the live edges facing out - and we love that look! But this time around we wanted a slightly more refined quality to the table but with a touch of earthyness - which in our opinion pretty much sums up Ms Morris' design style! We added a gray washed stain to coordinate the oak into her space and finished it with a low satin sheen, waterborne urythane top coat. As with most of our work these days, the metalwork was done in house as well, blackened and sealed.


Published on May 31, 2016.