It goes without saying that our woodshop is full of all kinds of tools. We have saws, sanders, planers, clamps and hand tools by the dozens. Each one, in its own specialized way, assists us in creating the woodworking products for which we are known. This website, however, is our #1 tool to communicate with you and it is vital that we keep it as user-friendly and interesting as possible.

And like our clients, who have come to us for our expertise and knowledge in woodworking, we needed a skilled expert to help us transform this site into an enjoyable experience for you. A big thank you goes to Matthew Fleming from for the cool new look you see here. We are thrilled with the results. Our hope is that you will enjoy the new visual aspects of the site’s design and that the content will be relevant in interesting. Please let us know your thoughts.

Published on May 31, 2016.