In addition to crafting refined, high quality cabinetry and furnishings, we are also known as one of the south sound’s premier fabricators of gorgeous wood slab furniture, mantels and counter tops.

We have teamed up with many mills throughout the region and we have access to responsibly harvested, regionally sourced, urban woods. Species like Big Leaf (Western) Maple, Black Walnut, Claro Walnut, American Elm, Douglas Fir, Oregon White Oak and Sequoia are available . Many of these species have amazing grain characteristics (figure) that make each finished piece a work of art. Buying local means that we will always know the source, and often, the exact location where the tree once stood. None of our wood slabs are illegally harvested.

Working with these fabulous woods is both a challenge a privilege. We take great care to make sure that our designs compliment the character of each unique piece with simple, clean lines that will fit into any decor. Our finishes are low to no VOC, waterborne, commercial-grade top coatings and are available in any sheen level from dead-flat to high-gloss. These durable, water and chemical resistant finishes will both protect and enhance the natural beauty in every finished piece.