The Veteran - Steve Birdsall

Steve BirdsallWe could also refer to him as “Pops”, but at least “Veteran” doesn’t necessarily infer that he is senior to us all!

That is however why we have kept him around for all of these years, more or less. To say that Birdsall has an extensive background in the trade would be like saying Frank Sinatra has had a hit or two. Born and raised in Seattle, Birdsall began his career in 1978 and through the years has worked every imaginable position there is in the Seattle woodworking industry: from floor sweeper to business owner, from sawyer to foreman, from commercial casework to yacht interiors.

When there is a technical solution needed –either on the bench or in the office - he is our go-to guy. But it’s when the pressure mounts and we have to beef up production that he really gets excited. Give him a house full of cabinets to crank out in a month and he is happy and in his element. However - and he won’t admit to this – he’s pretty good with the artsy-fartsy stuff, too!



The Renaissance Man - Aaron Myers

Aaron MyersMyers moved to the northwest in early 2013 and after a brief stint with a custom tile installer he joined team Madera in July of 2013. He quickly proved to be the guy in the shop we could count on to take on the quirky projects. We are not sure if he can’t “just say no” or simply doesn’t want to, but to our immense pleasure he has yet to fall short on any task put in front of him.

Originally from Tucson, AZ Myers was a furniture and cabinet maker/installer for 8 years and prior to that he worked in automation. To round out his skill set he spent time in between as a licensed massage practitioner – skills we have yet to take advantage of.



The No-Nonsense Man - Zach Benard

Our newest team member, Zach joined the Madera team in the Spring of 2017. With a significant background in crafting custom furniture, he's right at home flattening large, rough wood slabs as well as making thinner wood look thick with intricate triple miter folds. Owing to his experience restoring vintage machinery, Zach has also become our go-to guy when a machine needs a tune up - something we are all grateful for! 







Shop Apprentice - Peter Nettleton

Peter came via one of our recent projects...not what we typically expect from a job. But the timing was perfect. Our previous apprentice had moved on and Peter was looking to step up from being the official IKEA assembler at the local furniture bank. And while being the youngster affords a fair bit of ribbing from the rest of the crew, everyone would agree that he has quickly established his worthiness as a valuable all-around assistant. 








Office/Design Assistant and CAD Virtuoso - Christy Chase

Several years ago Christy had dropped off a resume following her graduation from the International Academy of Design and Technology. Not having been in a position to hire a designer, I was nevertheless impressed enough to place her resume in the "keeper" file. Fast forward to the summer of 2016 and with the stars aligning Christy joined the team on a part-time basis. Dividing her time between her love of teaching music to kids ( and design work, Christy has made her rendering skills an indispensible part of Madera's offerings.