We were called in at the 11th hour to manage the woodworking for this residential remodeling project. And though it was a somewhat high-pressure job, crafting a high-end project in less than the average lead time, everyone was thrilled with the end result. We had custom walnut veneer panels laid up in sequential order so the entire home was made from the same tree! What really helped make this job go so smoothly was the detailed, thoughtful design and plans we were given. We took on the design for a couple of parts of the design (the custom pantry roll-outs and the low-profile steel island counter support), but overall we were able to efficiently move through the project in record time. 

In all, we built the new kitchen and island, pantry, laundry room, powder room and master vanities, entertainment cabinet, an art niche, and architectural wall panels. 























































Published on February 2, 2023.