We are thrilled to welcome back the talented Gary Stroutsos for a special performance in the intimate setting of the MFC showroom. In the past Gary has performed here with the latin ensemble, Sin Embargo. For this engagement he will be performing solo (except for some rhythmic drumming provided by Madera's fearless leader) and featuring his talents on the Native American flute. Stroutsos performs world flute music drawn from many traditional cultures evoking a spirit of place and the voices of the land. His work includes internationally acclaimed recordings made at sacred sites, using the unique acoustics and history of each great space as the starting point for musical exploration. He plays in the  time-honored traditions which span many cultures and generations. This history is the real mystery of the flute, both haunting and enduring,. “Bringing music to life for new listeners is part of my vision of my own work, because music touches the soul, making it our true universal means of communication.”  

Join us in our showroom Saturday March 21 at 7:00

Suggested donation of $15 goes completely to the artist!

Published on May 31, 2016.