Every project we complete is a collaboration. Whether it is working directly with the homeowner or in tandem with an interior designer or architect, everything we create was conceived in a conversation. Most often we are given a few parameters - maybe it's size, or perhaps material preference. Occasionally we are given tight specifications. From whatever starting point, we are usually asked to inject our expertise so that either the result is appealing, or simply just buildable. 

The project featured here was no different. We were called on by one of our region's premier designers to assist with a few key design elements of the new home's construction: the bar, a powder room vanity, 2 wine rooms, a mantel for the main fireplace and the dining table. The designer had ideas for a couple of the projects and gave us free reign on the rest. In each circumstance we provided rendered preliminary designs, modeled in SketchUp, to clearly define our intentions and to propose various options. Each design was reviewed, and we made modifications to the 3-D models based on the homeowners’ preferences. Eventually, with the aid of finish samples, the designs were finalized, and we began fabrication.

It's a privilege to be able to craft custom pieces for our clients. We cannot overstate the satisfaction gained from taking a concept for something both functional and appealing and making it real. Our hashtag of choice these days is "creating art for living". Though we may be stretching the definition of art, woodworking can be seen as an artform - especially from the perspective of creating something with the intention of pleasing the viewer, and in this case due to its functional nature, the user.

Ultimately, this is our goal, customer satisfaction. And it all starts with a conversation.



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Published on May 15, 2019.