I recently came across a couple of articles from an Australian website proposing that the popularity of flat-packed, DIY furniture may be waning, and that it is being replaced with a growing interest in hand-crafted artisanal quality pieces. Though I personally could not be more enthusiastic for such a trend, it is impossible to contemplate the likelihood of a world without IKEA. Perhaps what is happening is a generational maturation. As young professionals settle into their long-term careers they are finding more meaning in making purchases that have enduring value. A designer in one article is quoted as saying, “If you love and desire something over time, and work hard to acquire it, the emotional bond will be there and you will treasure it for a lifetime, rather than a season.” 


IKEA won't be going anywhere soon; furnishing college dorms and the dreams of first home buyers will always be their niche. With each new generation of young professionals that need a quick and cheap furniture fix, there will hopefully be a generation of aesthetically minded professionals that have learned the meaning and value of handmade, heirloom quality products. Carlos

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Published on February 27, 2017.