This summer has been exceedingly busy! Amidst all the projects and changes here at Madera, our fearless leader is participating in a one-of-a-kind eco-art show at Tacoma's Swan Creek Food Forest. Carlos is one of 15 local artists that have created environmentally-sensitive works of art that interact with the beautful landscape at Swan Creek. The goal of this collaboration is to highlight our need for sustainable living, but also to help the public see the nature they are surrounded by in a whole new way.

The installations will be in place from August 27th - October 1st, so even if you can't make it to the festivities you can still take the self-guided tour. Many of the artworks will be left in place to naturally decay and return to the forest. 

Artist’s Statement:
Forests are a place of wonder. An urban forest that is safe to explore and commune with is a treasure
for any community. We have all engaged with forests whether through childhood play, curious explorations or seeking solitude. Forests are also the primary source for the materials from which we build our shelter. In a sense we are always living in forests, however disconnected from nature our lives may be.  “At Home in the Forest” is situated alongside the canyon rim trail, at a bend where the the viewer may come upon it unsuspecting. My hope is that it will prompt the viewer to rest and contemplate the forest – to sit in the chair, kick up their feet and listen and to feel the forest around them. Secondly, situating furniture in a forest
locale may inspire the viewer to contemplate our culture's reliance on forests and the numerous ways that they nourish our lives.

Published on August 26, 2016.