Designing this custom bar began with the architect's design intention. This consisted of a simple plan view and a list of appliance specifications.


With the architect's rough dimensions, I consulted with the interior designer for the project to learn her vision for the space. We discussed materials, colors, and textures. In the end, we settled on wire brushed rift white oak with a medium-toned, neutral stain, Chemetal feature panels, and a white cement bar top. The metal panels were to float on the bar front with white LED backlighting. The back bar was to be made in the same white oak with RGB LED back panels in the open shelving units and a backlit floating Chemetal center panel to support a TV. Trash and storage rollouts were included in the base cabinets. We also designed a pair of LED edge-lit acrylic floating shelves to display the liquor bottles.

Typically our shop drawings consist of a plan view along with a series of elevations and section views. Here is a sampling...

The final result was stunning.